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Interested in getting some writing creds under your belt? Have a blog or website you’d like to promote? Just looking to get your voice heard?

  That’s Mashed Up is always looking for fresh voices and different ideas to use on our blog. Currently we have two avenues for writers to chose from: freelance writing for hire, or articles for promotion. Freelance for Hire (NOTE: We are not currently accepting for hire pieces) That’s Mashed Up will directly pay you for fresh, innovative pieces that would be of interest to our readers. We pay on a sliding scale, and our current rates can be seen at the bottom of the page. We only buy freelance-for-hire pieces that come with:

  • first electronic printing rights
  • electronic printing rights
  • archival rights

In other words, we will only pay for pieces that have never appeared online anywhere else, and we have permission to be the only ones to have the article online, and we can store it for our readers to read later on in the future. Freelance for Hire pieces are published with the writer’s name, and a short byline which cannot include any hyperlinks or email addresses.   Articles for promotion (NOTE: Yes, we are currently accepting articles for promotion pieces.) That’s Mashed Up will also publish either new, or reprinted, pieces. We will only publish articles which we can have online archival rights to (meaning we can store the article online for future readers to access). We exchange free advertising space based on the type of article. You can see our current exchange rate at the bottom of the page. In addition to the advertorial space, ‘articles for promotion’ are also published with a byline that will include a link back to the site of origin, and one additional link of the author’s choosing. The only restriction is that bios cannot include affiliate links or links to content with an expiration date (ie: sales or contest pages). However, you can use the advertorial space, tweets, or pinterest posts for sales, contests, or affiliate links, if desired. Read more about “writer’s rights”: http://www.writing-world.com/rights/rights.shtml   How to Submit Articles Cold Submissions You may submit a completed pre-written piece on our contact page.   Requested Submissions You may submit an article idea before writing a piece on our contact page. If this is your first time publishing with That’s Mashed Up, please also submit an example of your writing (a link to a previously printed piece, or just include an example of something you’ve written). If it is something we can use, we will request you to write the piece.   Include all of the following with your submission

  • A well-polished completed article or article idea with a snazzy, engaging title
  • A short bio, which may include two links if this is an article-for-promotion submission
  • A photo of yourself, or a graphic for which you have rights, that you would like to accompany your piece

Please allow up to 14 days for a response.       Article Guideline Notes Suggested Length: 400-2000 words Mechanics: We all make mistakes (See what we did there?), but please try to make your article as polished as possible. Articles with several, blaring, errors are likely to be rejected. Topics: We will accept articles on any topic similar to what appears on the site, or opinion editorials on current events that might be of interest to our readers. (And no, your “opinion” doesn’t have to agree with Mrs. Mashed Up’s. But it should be well thought out and fact based.) Editing: Final pieces might be tweaked for clarification or mechanical purposes. Any changes would be minor. Headline/Title: The title of pieces are important. Accepted pieces that do not already come with highly engaging headline might be renamed.     Current Compensation Scale (NOTE: We are currently only accepting articles for promotion pieces.)  

  • Freelance for Hire
  1. Current Event Opinion Editorials: $2-$4 per piece
  2. Any Other Style Article: $2-$6 per piece
  3. All payments are made via PayPal
  • Articles for Promotion (these are in addition to byline information and linkage)
  1. Current Event Opinion Editorials: First page sidebar button (125 X 125) for 2-week period, and either 5,000 tweet impressions OR a Pintrest Pin on an appropriate board
  2. Non-Current Event Opinion Editorial: First page sidebar button (125 X 125) for 4-week period, 10,000 tweet impressions OR a Pintrest Pin on an appropriate board
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