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Mrs. Mashed UpAbout The Head Blogger, Mrs. Mashed Up

Mrs. Mashed Up is many things. She is a professional educator, having had the privilege to work with students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Her primary educational loves are psychology, sociology, and history. However, she has a soft spot for “harder” sciences like astrophysics.   A big city girl, who now lives in a little town next to cows (literally), she can take it fast or slow. Married to a professional entertainer (aka Mr. Mashed Up), she loves a good party and gathering with friends. As a mother, she adores the time she has to spend with her toddler (aka, Baby Mash). She’s proud of her Caribbean heritage, and her achievements as a first generation American. Mrs. Mashed Up also proudly wears the badge of being a nerd. Comic books, movies, cartoons, Star Wars, Star Trek–she loves indulging her inner child! While she loves a good run, participating in the occasionally 5K, Mrs. Mashed Up also enjoys being a foodie, and is a frequent visitor to the food trucks in her local area. A happily married (isn’t that odd?) mother of one, Mrs. Mashed Up and family love to travel and stay active!      

About That’s Mashed Up

Potato chips in sandwiches. Eggs in meatballs. Reggae music and Dancing With The Stars. Cowboys and Aliens. All of these unusual things mashed up to make something fun and exciting. Ok, well maybe not Cowboys and Aliens–that movie was horrid and we all know it.   Mash Ups are a beautiful thing. This blog celebrates the coming together of unusual things, non-traditional views, and similar topics. The results are never to be predicted. The main hubs of the blog, if you will, are in the following areas: ‘All Things Nerd’, ‘Familyistics’, and ‘Modern Life’. Soon, we will expand to areas like ‘Underground Culture’, ‘Nontraditional Education’, and ‘Looking Good’.   While I love mommy-blogs (Mrs. Mashed Up is a loyal reader of a few herself), but this isn’t one. Well, it isn’t a traditional one anyways. It’s a blog. The head writer is a mother. But she’s more than that, as the blog reflects. So take some time, look around, and enjoy a good ‘mash up’!

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