UNboxing: Loot Crate Review August 2014

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So I got my first subscription box in a long time–the August Loot Crate box. I’m dying to try a bunch of boxes, but it was an easy choice that Loot Crate would be my first. Mr. Mashed Up and I are huge nerds, so I knew I wanted to try this month since the theme was “Heroes”, which is right up Mr. Mashed Up’s alley. So here’s our Loot Crate Review for the August 2014 box.

Loot Crate Review 2014

Notice the baby hand already grabbing!


In the box

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Glasses We received some Donatello sunglasses. I’ll be honest, I didn’t immediately know which turtle rocked purple. Mr. Mashed Up, who is a huge TMNT fan knew instantly. I have no current idea where I’ll wear these, but I know they are unique enough to make an appearance out of the house. Baby Mashed Up loved them. So, thumbs up for that selection.


Kidrobot TMNT
We received an “Ooze Action” glow in the dark Donatello. If you were wondering why I kept the TMNT glasses, it’s because Mr. Mashed Up wanted this instead. It’s no longer collectable, because Baby Mash liked it too, and he instantly grabbed it and tried to rip it open. The toy has a small piece accessory, so it’s definitely not for small kids. I will admit I’m slightly disappointed that I got two Donatello pieces. I’m more of a Michaelangelo fan. He’s funny, always hungry, and rocks my favorite color–thus my favorite one. I know, however, some people got pieces other than Donatello.


Pop Marvel Groot
A groot bobblehead-what could be better? Plus this beauty glows in the dark and is a Loot Crate exclusive! This would be very valuable to those who collect the Pop bobbleheads. Fortunately Baby Mash did not get his hands on this one, so it’s still in mint condition. I haven’t opened it, but it looks great in the box. I might open it later, but right now it looks great for display. I might have to look into collecting the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy.


Loot Crate Review August 2014Shwings Shoe Accessories
Who doesn’t like the lightning bolt? It can reference whoever you want: Flash or Captain Marvel. It doesn’t exactly match the one she rocks, but in my mind it will reference Mrs. Marvel. I love the fact that it’s kind of open to interpretation, thus lots of nerds would like the piece.


Deadpool Magnet
I’ll admit it–I am no where near a supreme nerd. I didn’t realize this was Deadpool when I first saw the magnet. I like him, but I’m not a huge fan. He can be kinda graphic for my taste. However the magnet is cute, and was slapped onto the fridge.


MegaMan Air Freshener
This was also snatched up by Mr. Mashed Up. He immediately got all nostalgic about a character he loves. And if you follow us on FB, Google, or Twitter, you know we do cartoon Throwbacks every Tuesday. There’s nothing wrong with looking back on some of your faves–even though Mega Man isn’t really old. You can find MegaMan comics and video games on the shelf now. I love this air fresher because it made Mr. Mashed Up smile AND it smells good.


Digital Loot
Well, I haven’t downloaded any yet. Seeing, however, as one of them is Doctor Who related, it’s gonna happen soon! The digital loot includes free unlocks for the gem matching puzzle game based on Doctor Who (why yes, the app is free also), the alien-blasting game Defense Grid, and a in-game unlock for players of Gauntlet.


Pretty great box if you ask me. I’m totally impressed with the value. The digital loot and Groot figure alone were worth the cost of the box. Plus, for a nerd, toy-snatching family, everyone got their fingers on something they were personally, genuinely, excited about. Will I get another Loot Crate box? Definitely!

Check out what Loot Crate has in store for next month, and snag your box for under $20! And yes, they can sell out, so get yours day. We already got ours!
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  • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

    It sure was worth it this month!!

  • TheNewClassy

    I am loving your glasses! I also saw the Groot on another site and think it is too cute!

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up


  • http://superwonderwomanruss.blogspot.com/ russ r.

    I have not heard of Loot Crate, but all the stuff they give out are so nice. I so in another blog that they also gave out a Groot toy … I want one :)

  • http://MamaSmithReviews.Blogspot.com tessa s

    I got this too! I am a geek/gamer at heart. I got raphael and he is my favorite so I was thrilled!

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

      Awesome!! I see different people got different turtles! :-)

  • Diana Villa

    wow, the box looks great! I have to check it out, thanks for sharing :D

  • Loni Krieg

    I apologize if this post shows up twice! lol! Anyway, this is definitely worth checking out! My son, his dad, and I would love this! And I couldn’t believe how cheap! We would probably be fighting over the items in the boxes! But this is super cool! Thanks for sharing! (I also love the little Groot!) :)

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

      I know!! It is a crazy good deal! My box is probably worth over $40 easy. :-)

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