Mash-Up Link-Up: Suicide Prevention and Positive Thinking (Sept ’14)

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mash: positive thinking / suicide prevention

September is an important month for me. Normally Mash-Up Link-Ups are sort of fun and whimsical, like last month’s Peaches and Film themed one. However, this month’s theme link-up is tackling two serious issues (both close to my heart) that sort of go hand-in-hand: suicide prevention and positive thinking.

September 10th is International Suicide Prevention Day. I’ll talked a little bit more about this in my open-letter to my uncle. The subject of suicide, as you can tell, is something that I pay special care to.

monthly mashup linkup about fruits, vegetables, and deaf and blind week.Did you know that in 2011 one person died by suicide every 13.3 minutes? And the people who commit suicide might not be who you think. It isn’t emotional teenage girls at highest risk–is adults age 45-64. Could it be linked to the transition at the end of the working years to retirement and closing of an era? I don’t know. And males, in fact, are the sex more likely to commit suicide. And the statistics are even more powerful when you consider that for every 1 person that successfully commits suicide, 12 others go to the hospital due to self-harm. (based on US statistical information). In fact, according to author Terezia Farkas, the rate of suicide amoung farmers might be under reported because some attempts are actually recorded as accidents instead of intentional self-harm.

Do you know the risk factors for suicide? Yes, it does include mental health, family history, and previous attempts. But have you ever considered environmental factors? The level of stress in a person’s life, being exposed to sensationalized suicide accounts, and being bullied are also factors.

How about if someone you know is at risk for suicide, or has mentioned considering it? Do you know what resources are available to help them? If not, you can start with Lifeline if you are located in the US. This free resource includes internet resources and a free 24 hour hotline.

In perfect timing, September also holds Positive Thinking Day on September 13th. Positive thinking isn’t the be-all-end-all to preventing suicide. But positive thinking can help with depression. One of my favorite sites to give a read when I’m feeling down in Poems & Quotes Finder. There is always something positive and uplifting there. What websites do you turn to for some positivity?

So, it’s only fitting that this month we dedicate our Mash-Up Link-Up to positive thinking and suicide prevention. You can post a link to anything remotely related to positive thinking (affirmations, quotes, positive songs, celebrations for achieving a goal…) or suicide related (prevention, experiences, personal recall).

3 Simple Rules

    • Post only articles that relate to either of this month’s mash topics. No affiliate, sales, or contest pages.
    • Each blogger can only post 2 articles per Mash-Up Link-Up
    • You do not have to place a permalink to That’s Mashed Up in exchange, but we do ask that you advertise this page at least once through social media, encouraging your readers to visit.This is the honor system. If every participating blogger is honorable, everyone will get new readers.

    That’s it! Mash-Up-Link-Up will close at the end of this month, or when we receive 50 articles (whichever comes first) and will continue to be actively prompted, especially on the link-up’s anniversary month.

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    • Miriam Schulman

      this was a good idea. I don’t have any pots about suicide prevention.. but I have lots of posts about positive thinking.

    • Bonnie Gowen @WEMAKE7

      This is a wonderful idea. It hits really close to home to me as well.

    • Franc Ramon

      I think it’s related to their midlife crisis. It’s always nice to boost them positively as it could be the good word that saves their life.

    • Rochkirstin Santos

      When I hear about suicide, I still remember about the Robin Williams case. Factors are all different. But I think it will be good to stick with a Bible-based church so one will have a great support system and encouragement and feel loved.

    • Marielle Altenor

      I recently had to say goodbye to someone that took their own life. The worst part of it is that no one around her had any idea that she was going through this internal battle that lead her to taking her life…Looking forward to reading some of the link ups!

    • Activities Children

      A suicide every 13.3 minute is a scary stat. It’s even more scary to know that the age group is 45 to 64 year olds. I’ve always heard about mid-life crisis but didn’t realize that the crisis is so severe in some cases.

    • Tanya Coffman

      In my home town 5 children have taken their own lives due to ‘cyber bullying’ that started in school but trickled into home time. Of course the schools accept no part in it, but it breaks my heart these beautiful teens had their whole lives ahead of them. I really wish they would ban cell use during school time.

    • Shirgie Scf

      I guess it’s all the matter of mind. It is always important to stay positive and avoid depression. But if you are clinically depressed, suicide is really inevitable.

    • rubbieanne

      I think we should just always be positive in all life’s aspect

    • Rebecca Swenor

      This is a great post indeed. Depression is the biggest factor in suicide today. Positive thinking brings positive things to everyone. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kath Rivera

      Very timely post because suicide is becoming more prevalent these days and it is important to help those who are suffering from depression.

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