Letter To Depressed Souls, inspired by Robin Williams Suicide

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Robin Williams Suicide

Dear Depressed Souls,


Robin Williams suicide wasn’t just sad, it was enlightening. Depression is a mental illness that people sometimes forget the seriousness of: and it can happen to anyone.


I don’t know many things about Robin Williams private life. Obviously, however, his life wasn’t a bed of roses. Time may tell what the reason behind his death is. What I do know is that he was a man who brought light and laughter into the life of millions worldwide throughout his career. He had a family, a job many envied, and a level of success many of us will never achieve.


Yet, it’s plausible that he took his own life. When I heard the news it made me sad, shocked, but not surprised at the possibility.


The very fact that suicide, for a man like Robin Williams, is even a possibility should remind us all to pay careful attention to those around us whom we love. And that doesn’t mean to simply look for a smile on their face, or a witty grin. Don’t think that just because on the surface they might be doing better than you, it means that all is well. That real estate that lies between the two ears of any human is unpredictable and ever changing.


And if you suffer from depression–don’t feel like a failure if you can’t simply “overcome” it. And you aren’t a failure of you can’t just “positive think” your depression away. And so what if your life, from the perspective of those outside, seems to be going amazingly well yet you find yourself still struggling with depression.


It isn’t an easily fixed thing. If it were the rich and powerful would not suffer with it. They’d pay to find an easy cure, and an easy cure would be found.


It takes work, and constant effort. But hope is eternal, and never lost.


As one who has suffered from depression I mourn for him and his family. The world has lost an amazing light. Let not that light be dimmed in vain.


- The Chick

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  • Diana Villa

    So true! Thank you so much for this great, useful and touching post :)

  • http://superwonderwomanruss.blogspot.com/ russ r.

    I think this also sends a message to all of us that we need to be more observant and caring of those close to us. While it is sad, I think this will be an eye-opener to most people. It’s a serious matter that should be dealt with and not be ignored.

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

      I definitely agree!

  • Ogiro1

    truly a sad situation! :( I hope some learn from this.

  • Christine Topley

    It’s hard to comment on this. I am still distraught from his passing for my own personal reasons.

  • http://www.gentlebim.com Ben Butler

    Depression is one of the worst mental illnesses, mainly because it’s not always readily apparent. If a loved one is in crisis, talk to them. Help them when they need help, listen when they need an ear, and stay vigilant for the signs that depression may be taking a turn to something more terrible.

  • http://kathrivera.com/ Kath Rivera

    I think we should be aware that depression is a serious matter. Some people deny experiencing it or hide it because they’re ashamed of what people will think of them. RIP Robin Williams

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

      I hope more people will be open to talking about the subject now.

  • http://www.downshiftingpos.blogspot.com Margarita Ibbott

    Lovely post. I was so shaken from his death. All he wanted was for others to be happy and because of his terrible depression, he couldn’t achieve happiness himself.

  • Constanza Oller de Moore

    I’m still shocked by his dead such a great soul, but yeah depression is a mental illness and it can be dangerous, people often dont know how deep it is and is really hard to ask for help when others just fail to see how it can be life threatening.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    Great post. I have loved Robin Williams since Mork and Mindy. He was and will be a great inspiration to many. With his death he has brought awareness to depression. People with now pay more attention to other with new diagnose of disease that make people feel hopeless. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kori

    The world lost such an amazing soul and my heart hurts for his family. I suppose though, if there’s any positive from this, mental health awareness is on the rise.

  • FamiGami

    I miss him already. He was an icon of my youth and will never be replaced. RIP Robin.

  • Jaime Huff

    I agree 10000%. Celebrities aren’t on top of the world- they are human beings with flaws, feelings, and love. I am still heartbroken.

  • http://www.sojournerwalker.com/ Sojourner Walker

    I agree, his death was definitely enlightening as well as it is causing people to reflect about depression and other mental illnesses. I hope services are put in place to assist people who struggle with these issues.

  • http://artpark78.com/blog1 yonawilliams

    So true, his suicide really does hit home that a smile and good attitude is not enough to deem a relative or friend as being ‘happy.’

  • http://www.twitter.com/rayveniael Carolyn Bunch

    Such a tragedy. I feel for his family, and hope he finds peace in the everafter.

  • Menu

    Many who are depressed do not show it to the world. Some are even ashamed as they feel they have it good, but due to chemical imbalance they suffer from depression. Many will put on a joyous and even comedian front… RIP robin!

  • Kung Phoo

    Depression should not be taken lightly.. we have seen this way to many times in the past.. people need to pay attention and help the ones who need it

  • mail4rosey

    It’s hard to think of someone close to you being depressed. It’s smart to be open to it and look for any signs.

  • http://www.maggiestruth.com Maggie King

    My heart breaks for his family. It’s so sad that he was that sad and no one knew. He kept it hidden so well. Heartbreaking.

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  • Weekends With Winter

    What an enlightening read. Depression is such a serious disease, I’ve had close friends and family surfer from it and it needs to be more widely discussed.

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