James Brown, plus two amazing guests: Monthly Mash

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mash: James Brown / Michael Jackson / Prince

A young James BrownThis is one of the best music mash-ups that I’ve ever found. Imagine if you were going to James Brown concert. The King of Soul, the original Soul Man, is up there doing his thing, when all of a sudden he looks out into the crowd, and who does he see?


Why, it’s the King of Pop. And will Michael Jackson take the stage? Of course he will! All of a sudden the concert goes get to see two legends on the stage.


And as if this isn’t enough for these lucky son-of-a-guns, James Brown looks out into the crowd and says he sees another legend, who he invites to come up to the stage.


Riding on the shoulders of either a bodyguard, an entourage member, or the luckiest random concert goer, Prince is carried to the stage where he picks up a guitar.


None of it was planned. It is a completely impromptu merging of three master artist. And it’s a performance that can never, ever, be repeated.


One of my favorite James Brown quotes says “When I’m on stage, I’m trying to do one thing: bring people joy. Just like church does. People don’t go to church to find trouble, they go there to lose it.”


And when you watch this month’s mash-up you’ll do just that–lose all your trouble. You can’t help but forget yourself for a few minutes as you watch James Brown strutting around like a proud mentor, watching Michael Jackson and Prince show just why they were amazing.


These three are often imitated, but never duplicated.

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  • Bernadette

    Thats awesome!

  • Brionna G

    This is so cool!

  • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

    Thank you! It’s one of my novice GIMP (freebie version of Photshop) efforts. :-)

  • Kori

    That is an amazing trio! All legends in their own right.

  • http://kathrivera.com/ Kath Rivera

    I don’t know James Brown but I’m a fan of Michael Jackson. He’s one of the best!

  • HilLesha O’Nan

    This is a wonderful video that I have never seen before. I’ve always loved all three, especially Prince! :)

  • http://loveforlacquer.com/ loveforlacquer

    What a great video – Thanks for posting!

  • The Wandering Poet

    What a lineup!

  • http://www.wemake7.com Bonnie Gowen @WEMAKE7

    I love Michaels Jacksons music. We have been listening to some of his songs lately. Great post.

  • http://www.maggiestruth.com Maggie King

    I love prince! They are all truly legends!

  • http://www.gentlebim.com Ben Butler

    THAT is amazing. I love all those guys. I didn’t know they ever performed together.

  • mail4rosey

    That’s a good quote. I like James Brown’s music.

  • Melissa Smith

    What?! I never knew they performed together. That would have been epic to witness in person!

    • http://thatsmashedup.com Mrs. Mashed Up

      I agree! I can’t even remember how I found this footage!

  • http://www.positivekismet.com/ ElizOF

    Yes, Michael was huge fan of The J King of Soul and they had some great moments together… Sad they are both gone.

  • http://tauyanm.com/ Mary Jane Tauyan Fitzsimmons

    i totally dont know him but i love listening to that video clip

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