Growing Up Music: Third Eye Blind Jumper Lyrics speak to suicide

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mash: nostalgia / mental health

Third Eye Blind Jumper LyiricsMaybe it the fact that last month was Suicide prevention month, and it got me thinking about my Uncle. Or maybe it’s the lingering thoughts of Robin Williams. Either way, when I listened to Third Eye Blind Jumper lyrics recently, I actually listened word for word, wishing I could speak these words to some people I loved who have gone… and have been reminded to speak them to some people I love who are still with me.

Have you ever had to be the voice of reason to a friend in need who was slipping into a dangerous mental place? I have. You have to look at them and tell them that you wished they’d “step back from that ledge”. Sometimes you can’t make them turn around and stop, or change their thinking pattern. There is a whole profession dedicated to that because helping a suicidal person in the long run is a skill and an art. However, sometimes all you need is to have them take just one step back, so to speak. That could mean the difference between having the time and space to get them professional help, and not.


When I was younger I was foolish enough to think that just because I was not directly harmful to a person, or because I wished them the best, I was good for them. Not so. Sometimes you can be a part of a harmful situation, or a painful memory, that a person just has to let go for their own mental health. And that’s OK. If you love them, you’ll let them go. I have friends who’ve died, and their parents distanced themselves from me. I understand, our only link is a painful one. And if they “don’t want to see me again, I would understand.”

And who hasn’t known someone who was always the loudest, the rudest, the coldest, or the one you could count one to draw attention for indecency–yet you knew that there was something behind it. I have a relative who is “a bit too insane.” Everyone says it. You stay around her long enough and she will offend you, hurt your feelings, or make you cry. But I know some of what she’s went through: the abuse, the nights on the streets, selling her body and numbing her mind. Indeed, sometimes the behavior is just “icing over a secret pain.”

We all have demons. I’m no exception. Everyone’s demon takes a different form. Some appear bigger than others. However, every demon is personalized. We all deal with something. And in life “everyone’s got to face down the demons.” Some of us, however, need a friend or loved one there when they do–or the demons multiply.

So I’m sensitive to those around me. And if they ever need me to help them take a step back from that ledge, I want to be right there for them.

Be sure to check out another article in the Growing Up Music series: “One Week” by the Barenaked Ladies. Do you have a song that was given new meaning as you grew up? If so, tell us about it below! Or even better, submit a piece to the series yourself!

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  • Robin Rue

    I totally forgot about that song! I used to love it back in the day, but I don’t think I realized what it was actually about at the time.

  • JoAnna Kopp

    I always liked this song. I like the way you read into it. Very empowering.

  • Taylor Dean

    Ah! I love them so much!

  • Kung Phoo

    I like that song and sing it every time its on the radio.

  • Nina Say

    I love TEB! I’ve been listening to them for a LONG time.

  • mochadad

    I mentor a group of boys and I always tell them that they don’t have to ice over their secret pain. I try to be available so they can have someone to talk to.

  • Cindy

    Sometimes I don’t listen to the words of songs. Then when I do I am shocked.

  • Carmen Nimo Perez

    It’s very hard to help someone with anxiety and depression, but we always have to try. Great song!

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      It can definitely be an hard, ongoing battle.

  • Franc Ramon

    Sometimes just being around can help someone with depression veer away from suicide. They just need to feel important.

  • @weareofficially

    I miss them! Haven’t heard from them in awhile! Wait, did you just used the lyrics in you post?! Anyway, everyone needs someone, I feel that at times. Just some loyal person to talk to..

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I always try to be there for my friends. It is important that everyone has someone they can talk to.

  • FamiGami

    Suicide isn’t to be taken lightly. I have an uncle that tried to kill himself twice and he’s stop talking to anyone in the family entirely. All you can do is be available to them when they need you.

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      My uncle committed suicide. I feel your pain (and love for them too)

  • Guest

    Testing up – sorry

  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    Prayers for when you don’t know what to do are effective too. Such deep thinking.

  • HilLesha O’Nan

    I haven’t listened to their music for ages, but they had some pretty good lyrics. I haven’t lost any family members or friends due to suicide, but I had a neighbor that committed suicide several years back. He seemingly had it all – good looks, a good head on his shoulders, and a loving and supportive family. He was also one of the sweetest people! So, it was quite a shocker that he did what he did. It goes to show that you never know what kind of pain that a person may privately be going through. Some people may seem happy-go-lucky, but the truth is that might be a facade. :(

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      Well said. It so true–you really don’t know what an individual is going through.

  • Nicci

    Really reading the lyrics can change the meaning of a song. Like the “Brick” song being about abortion – makes you think!

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      Wait… what??? I’ll have to look that up.

  • mail4rosey

    That’s my first hearing the song. They are lyrics for thought, definitely.

  • Letty Desafio

    I like this song, but I have never put the lyrics into context. Thank!

  • Deanna Ritz

    I love third eye blind. I grew up listening to them for sure! Takes me back to football games and cruising the streets with my girlfriends.

  • songbirdsandbuttons

    I love them – and I totally knew what the song was about. Such powerful words.

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      I really is some great lyrics.

  • mommamellon

    I use to love this song and it still brings back memories. :) I never really thought about what it meant.

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      Me either until recently.

  • homemom3

    That’s my first time hearing the song. I tend to listen to country.

  • Erica Brooks

    Good song. This is the first time that I heard of Third Eye Blind.

  • Marie Moody

    Sorry I’ve never heard of them, but their music is very interesting. I always wondered of the people I did know that committed suicide what could have been so unbearable that they couldn’t have shared to get help. It has to be something medical I’m sure of it.

  • Danielle Stewart

    Thank you for the post. So many people just do not get it. This is an extremely serious topic and one that cannot be taken lightly. You also have to remember to protect yourself and know that sometimes helping…is just getting out of the way and letting go. Beautiful

  • Kathy

    I never really thought about the lyrics either. I had a cousin commit suicide and I still think about it all the time.

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I remember when that song came out listening to the lyrics. They’re quite powerful.

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    I LOVE Third Eye Blind, I grew up listening to them too :)

  • Lavende L.

    Its beautiful when a song resonates with our thoughts and pulls everything into focus. Suicide is such a difficult topic – we need everything we can to help make sense of it.

  • hannah staveley

    Oh my word did not know they was still around .

  • Megan Elford

    Great insight – too often we just enjoy music for its sound and we don’t think about the actual meaning behind the lyrics.

  • Bismah Abdelgawad

    Nice song! I used to listen to their music years ago.

  • Kori

    Man oh man.. We just heard TEB recently again. I haven’t listened to this song though in ages. It’s really astounding when you take the time to actually listen to the lyrics of some songs.

  • Ourfamilyworld

    I like the song but never played attention to lyrics, so sad

  • Tiffany

    Great song!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I haven’t heard this song before. Thanks for sharing as I love to learn about new music.

  • Two Boys and a Hubby

    There has been a lot of suicide in my family. It’s very sad.

    • Mrs. Mashed Up

      I’m sorry to hear that. It has touched my family deeply too.

  • SavvyMomNYC – Ker

    I never looked at the song like this. I did enjoy listening to them in my 20s!

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  • Mommy Pehpot

    These are some of the bands that I listened to when I was in college!

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