Clean Comedians approved for young ears

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In the Mashed Up household we love to laugh. Sometimes (pre-Baby Mash) we’d sit as a couple on the couch and watch Eddie Murphy strutting across the stage in his red-leather, Dave Chappelle in his Rick James wig, or Jeff Dunham and Walter snapping at each other. Laughter, after all, is good for the soul. Not one of them were clean comedians.

clean comedians

However, we now have little eyes and little ears that are often around when we are enjoying ourselves. And while we still love the comedians we used to love before, we just can’t watch some of them around Baby Mash. Have you ever heard a child repeat the words and phrases that they hear? According to Early Childhood News, this is a common tendency from children–to imitate what they hear at home.


Can I imagine Baby Mash saying something crazy in front of mixed company? Heck, even saying something crazy to us? I don’t think I could take it. I have no idea what I would do if we had a Kevin Hart moment. (The link leads to a funny, but, adult clip.)


Psychologist Dr. Timothy Jay, says that between the ages of 1 and 2 boys know about 6 taboo words, while girls know 8. The fact that this is an average lets me know that some little kids know more words, and some know less. I’d prefer that Baby Mash knows less.


There are a few environmental factors that affect the vocabulary of kids, and what they see on TV isn’t the only thing. For example socio-economic levels, genetics, and world experiences, are just a few things that can help determine the kind of things that come out of a child’s mouth.


However, there is one unavoidable, large factor, that cannot be ignored–what they hear coming out of the mouths of the 3D people around them. There is no getting around it–your kids are going to copy what they hear you say. And if you watch certain, very quotable comedians, you might mistakenly say some things that you don’t want them to repeat. After watching Kevin Hart we walked around for days saying “Pineapples!” (another great, yet adult, clip). We also laughed to the point of crying when we originally say the skit. That’s what a good comedy set is supposed to do–make you pull out the tissue.


However, the combined positive re-enforcement of hearing slightly off colored terms, and seeing how much we enjoy hearing them is enough to make Baby Mash run around the house going “Look at my Ting Ting!” (yes, another funny clip to listen to out of the earshot of impressionable ears).


So, as a family we had to reassess what we listen to, and when. Sure, after bedtime for Baby Mash we still like Kevin, Jeff, Eddie, Dave, and Jo. However, when our little one is up and about we’ve found some funny alternatives: clean comedians (at least most of the time). Here is a sampling of the top 5 choices in the Mashed Up household.


5. Jim Gaffigan

4. Sinbad

3. Bill Engvall

2. Seinfeld

1. Bill Cosby


Who are your favorite comedians to watch with, and without, the kiddos around?

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  • mochadad

    I love all of those comedians. My kids are big Cosby fans.

  • Melissa Smith

    Oh my gosh, my kids love listening to Bill Cosby! & his “Kids Say The Funniest Things” just cracks me up!

  • Meeks

    I love Kat Williams and this is what I turn on when I need to laugh. I totally agree that the little one’s repeat what they hear. This is why, we make our own comedy until my child became an adult. Now, we enjoy these shows together.

  • Amanda

    Ron White is my favorite comedian. He is definitely not for little ones though!

  • Bonnie Gowen @WEMAKE7

    Great post and so true. They pick up on everything…

  • Krystal

    Jim Gaffigan had me in tears when I saw him live. He is amazing.

  • rubbieanne

    I don’t know any international comedians thanks for this! :)

  • Joyful Gifts by Julie

    I love Bill Cosby but, then again I love to laugh and most comediennes crack me up. Clean or dirty. I know we had a lot of trouble keeping our young son from things they shouldn’t hear. Mostly because we didn’t want them repeated. By the time they hit 4th or 5th grade they’ve heard it all from their friends. There’s no way to stop it. Ya just got to let them learn on their own sometimes. Just plan on being embarrassed. lol

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is a great post because most don’t really think about it when the lil ones are around. Out of the mouth of babes. I have always love Bill Cosby. Thanks for sharing.

  • John Lopez

    I love Bill Cosby, also heard good things about Gaffigan. I love Dave Chappelle though, my all time fav.

  • Margarita Ibbott

    I have to say I am a big fan of Anjelah Johnson. Just google her skit on nail salon and you will laugh histerically. Trust me, every women gets it.

  • Robin Rue

    I love Jim Gaffigan, but I would never let my kids listen to anything he said. Mine are older, though….

  • Chrissy Mazzocchi

    Oh great comedians! I really like BIll Engvall and the blue collar comedy group :)

  • Kung Phoo

    That Bill Cosby clip is hysterical.. we went to a comedy club with the kids, it was one of the guys from Last comic standing.. it was perfect for the kids.

  • Tricia Goodmama

    I love comedy as well! My favorites are Bill Burr and Louis CK (wayy too mature for kids though). I also love all the comedians you mentioned above. Bill Cobsy is great.

  • Geanine

    So funny, feeling cranky this is what I needed this evening. Thanks!

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    I’ve always loved Jerry Seinfeld’s humor, but I also liked Eddie Murphy when he did stand-up. I’m not so sure about who’s current!

  • mail4rosey

    Kids do copy what you say. I liked Bill Cosby years ago and I still like him now. I was sorry to have missed him when he was touring this area.

  • Two Boys and a Hubby

    This is so true. I stopped watching a few things since my little guys were born including Law and Order and Ghost Adventures etc. If I can watch them while they sleep I do, but I rarely have time to these days.

  • Danielle Stewart

    The little ones are like sponges. Some people completely forget that (or don’t care). Great job of recognizing that. We often tell our children how we want them to act, but don’t model the behavior. They truly learn more from our actions.

  • Dawn Kropp

    Love, Love… LOVE me some Bill Cosby!!!

  • Joanna Sormunen

    My son loves watching comedians from Youtube. He even follows some. But they all do their videos in Spanish.

  • Fan R

    We usually watch kid’s comedy shows and if we really want to see for adults ones, our kiddo is already asleep.

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  • Carly Anderson

    Children are like sponges and soak up and say and do the things we do. Thanks for sharing this list of great clean comedians! I love Bill Engvall!

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  • Maggie King

    I love bill Cosby and think he is the most funniest man! So much better than all of those other guys!

  • Tina Ernspiker

    This is a great article! We love several of these guys. I am featuring you tomorrow on the IBA Weekly Roundup :-)

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